A Pirates Rant

A Pirates Rant
Mike – 20 August 2012

As a new age pirate I sit here and wonder
What the hell am I doing in my Captains quarters
When I should be out there scouting my plunder

It's because I am a new age pirate staying within new age lines
Not concerned with what others may say of think
But instead where my path with new and old may intertwine

So with this in mind I sit in my quarters drinking my rum enjoying the sea
Not wanting to send my dinghies in search of pillage or plunder
Just sail the world as the sun rotates above me

As new age pirates we've changed our ways
Not raping, pillaging, and plundering our way through life
But respecting our women, and the property of others
So they too can enjoy their future days

Now traveling the world not as a pirate but as a man in command of my ship
I'll take the pleasures of romancing women and winning treasures as they come
Not worried about consequences or really giving a flip.

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