WHY Do I Need a House/Pet Sitter?

Why do you need a house/pet sitter? 

-  Your pet(s) can stay at home minimizing their stress of staying in a kennel
-  Your home will be more secure by not being vacant
-  You will be immediately notified in the event something goes wrong at home
-  Your yard and house plants will be taken care of
-  Your mail and newspaper will be picked up daily
-  You can enjoy your travels with no worries; everything at home will be under control

What do I offer as a house/pet sitter?

-  I'll be in your house every night; I may take short trips around the immediate area during the day, but at night I'll be in your home
-  Affectionate care for your pet(s); fresh food and water, walks and exercise daily,  a warm lap for naps, administration of medications (including injections), and companionship.   As a pet owner myself of everything from small, furry, four legged animals, to birds, reptiles, and fish you can rest assured yours will be well taken care of
-  Your home will be kept clean and tidy, looking as you've never left; even though I’m a single male, keeping a clean and welcoming home is high on my priority list
-  Your yard and house plants will be maintained; I enjoy working around the yard so if you have a garden planted, it will be weeded, watered, and cared for.  And depending on the length of your trip you may have fresh veggies when you return
-  Communications on how things are going at home; I support and encourage communications between myself and the home owner, even when everything is going fine

-  References will be provided on your request

What’s next? 

Contact me so we can get acquainted and see if we are on common ground (TravelThruMyEyes@gmail.com)
         o  Provide your travel dates       
         o  Provide details on what you expect from me (be detailed)         
         o  Provide information on nearest/most convenient international airport         
         o  Explain the transportation you will provide me for between airport to/from  your home
 -  Be clear and concise, don’t leave anything for interpretation or guessing
-  Continue email dialog changing to telephone conversations prior to travel
-  Don’t hesitate to let me know if things change on your end and I’ll give you the same respect by letting you know if something changes on my end

If I didn’t mention something, just ask me.  ALL offers will be entertained.


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