POEM - Travel Thru My Eyes

Mike – January 26, 2012

As we travel our world we encounter many things
Sometimes we see them through rose colored glasses
While at other times we see the good and bad of reality
But no matter how foggy or clear our vision may be, it’s simply what life brings

A simple smile, a wave of the hand, or a tip of the head to say hello
Can go a long way in making new friends and learning their culture
Exploring their ways as we expand our horizons and add to our stories
As we show our adventuresome spirit as a world traveler and remain mellow

Through our travels we can help others even though they have a hard life
By sharing our stories of happiness with whomever we meet
Relieving some of their daily burdens as we help them to smile
Giving them a little ray of sunshine and hope as they work through their strife

So enjoy your travels leaving your new friends with smiling good-byes
Sharing your experiences through stories and photos of what you’ve seen
Helping those less fortunate to fulfill their dreams as you wave and say
Thanks for everything, now I must go and share our world with others as they
“Travel Thru My Eyes”

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