FLORIDA - Tampa - 2012 - House Sitting

Well I just completed another house sitting gig, but this time it was close to home.  No plane tickets, no international border crossings (only had to change counties), and no worries about lost luggage.  In fact, I drove for about 45 minutes, in my own car and unloaded my stuff.  I know some of you are asking why I didn’t provide daily or at least occasional updates.  Honestly, it was more like being at home than on a house sitting assignment.  The owners, their home, and surrounding area were that welcoming and comfortable.
Anyway, this was my first “local” house sit and it was truly fun.  Paul and Letty have a great house, nice area which is easy to get around in and quiet.  Well, except for the sirens from the fire trucks and ambulances on the main road.  But those things are designed to be heard a long time before you can even see them.  So after the first day, all was good.

While there I still did some touristy things during the day because I usually don’t get to that area.  I spent a lot of time outside because the weather in Florida this time of year is good and played with Scooter and Miso (their dogs).  Scooter is the father of Miso and just like human adolescents; Miso pushed his father’s buttons.

In comparison to my first two house sitting gigs on this blog, this sit was relaxing dream.  It allowed me to catch up on some reading, develop a website, and make travel and travel writing arrangements.   I did meet a couple of people, and one in particular was from Mexico and so I had the chance to practice my Spanish.
So other than that, until next time, travel near and far because adventures are out there waiting on you, you just have to seek them out and enjoy.  Remember have fun and always stay safe.

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