EL SALVADOR - La Libertad - May 2012

15 May 2012

I arrived in El Salvador today via the San Salvador airport (SAL airport code).  The arrival process through Immigrations and Customs was almost as easy as it was in Honduras.  The main difference being there were fewer agents making the wait time a little longer.  Other than having to wait for about 15 minutes (which is not bad by any means) it was pretty good.  One thing I’ve never seen before was that after talking to the Customs agent, you have to push a button to see if you require further screening or not (green you pass, red you get in another line).  This appears to be truly random.  It’s different than any other place I’ve been whereby the Customs agent make the determination of further screening based on their judgment. 

Once again, the normal (my opinion) chaos of people wanting to help you and taxi drivers all shooting for your business was happening outside the terminal.  In my travels I’ve learned a lot of things and one that I’ve recently started doing is talking to the Immigration agent about taxi availability and cost; so far they’ve been spot on in quoting the price.  At least this way I know if the drivers are trying to take advantage of me.  Another thing I’ve started doing is looking for a cab company, rather than an independent driver.  While I haven’t had any major problems with non-company cabs, the price is usually higher with the independents.

So, I got the cab and he said he knew where the hotel was.  NOT.  He at least knew the area, but when we got close he had to ask two people.  Not a big deal because we had already agreed on a price and he knew that was the price I was going to pay.  The drive to the hotel was not as bad as I’d had before, but you could tell there were no traffic police looking for speeders.  I did notice his speedometer didn’t work, but I’ve seen that a lot in Latin America. 

I stayed at the SABAS Beach Resort where, upon arrival the staff immediately made to feel welcome and showed me to my room.  After being cooped up in an airport and on the plane, it was time for a cold beer and a walk on the beach.  When finished with my walk I chatted with the staff, ate a great dinner, had a couple more drinks and called it a night.

16 May 2012

You couldn’t have asked for a better day.  Since it is close to the rainy season the day started a little cloudy, which soon burned away as the sun rose into the morning sky; a perfect morning for a walk on the beach. So that was the plan, take a walk on the beach. 

After having my morning coffee and a traditional El Salvadoran breakfast, I took a walk on the beach.  In fact, that’s what I did most of the day, wandering the beach.  I did manage to squeeze in some time to swim and relax by the pool, catch up on some reading, and take some pix.

17 May 2012

Yet another beautiful start to the day.  We had plenty of sun, high clouds, but not much of a breeze, so it looked like another lengthy walk was on the schedule.

After my walk and another traditional breakfast I elected to lay around the pool and soak up the sun.  I of course had to partake of the local beverage and about 3 in the afternoon, it was time for a short nap.

Even tough my plan was for a nap, it didn't work out.  I ended up catching up on emails and doing some blog work.  So about 5PM I headed down to get an early dinner with a few drinks and call it an early night.  That plan worked and I hit the bed about 9.

18 May 2012

Travel day.  The taxi was at the hotel about 10 minutes late, but I've come to accept tardiness when traveling in Latin America.

The ride to the airport and the in-checking was uneventful, with the plane departing on time.

So, this journey and another trip around the sun has come to an end.  Until next time, have fun, travel safe.

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