FLORIDA - Jupiter - Apr/Jul 2013 - House Sitting - Chapter 1 - Another House Sitting Assignment Begins

Jupiter is one of Miami’s northernmost suburbs, located about 90 miles from Miami on the Atlantic coast of Florida.  Within a few miles to some of Florida’s famous beaches to the east and about 90 miles west to Lake Okeechobee; Jupiter is where I now begin my next house and pet sitting assignment.  I’ll be here for the next three months or so enjoying the daily sunshine and living like a local.
While returning from a house sitting assignment in North Carolina earlier this month I rerouted my trip to include a short stop in Jupiter to meet the home owners.  The owners and I had exchanged emails and telephone conversations, but in my opinion personally meeting someone is the best way to get to know them.  Steve and Aleta are now semi-retired, but that doesn't mean they stopped enjoying all that life has to offer.

I arrived to the house early afternoon on April 20th to finalize the details of the assignment and spend more time with the owners.   Early in the next morning, I drove them to the airport where they departed for a three month trip, leaving me to care for their home and two cats.

Upon returning “home” I was greeted by their male cat, Polaris as he looked out the window, searching for Steve and Aleta.  Not seeing them, he came to me, I pet him, and he joined Girly (yep, their female cat) on the back porch to enjoy the early morning Florida temperatures before the afternoon heat moved in.

As is typical with Florida summers, along with the afternoon heat comes rain showers; with one exception that did not change today.  Today the showers were light and scattered, just enough to raise the humidity level a few degrees.

The rest of my afternoon was spent unpacking and going shopping to get my groceries for a week.  Later in the evening I called to congratulate my middle daughter on her recent engagement.  I met her fiancé last Christmas and after talking together for a while he asked if he could marry my daughter.  I agreed, so I knew this day was coming, but it sure took him a while to ask her. 

A NOTE FROM ME:  I’m an old fashioned guy and my daughters know that.  I’m guessing my daughter talked to her boyfriend (at the time) and father of my grandson telling him it would be wise to ask me for permission before asking her to marry him. 

So day one of house sitting in south Florida has come to an end.

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