TUESDAY TRAVELER - Road Trip - April 2013 - Florida to Savannah, GA

I got a telephone call Friday night (12 April 2013) about 2145 from Jimmy G, a brother from a different mother (but we’re not related); he wanted to relate some good and bad news.  After talking a while he mentioned his birthday was next week and asked if I could come up next week to celebrate.  Since I was starting a housing sitting gig then I simply said “how about I come up tomorrow”?  He said that would be great and another road trip was underway.
Who said being a new-age pirate, the captain of your own ship has to be planned.  Since retirement I’ve been more active, not busy with work issues, but ACTIVE than I was while employed; and to think I was going to put it off for fear of not having things to do.
With our conversation ending about 2330 I threw some cloths in a gym bag before getting some rest before leaving around 0630.

Bag packed and a few hours sleep it’s time to hit the road.  I left my house around 0615 and after getting some gas settled in for a 350 mile ride.  The weather was a little overcast which made driving a black vehicle a bit more comfortable.  That and since I was heading east for a few hours, I wouldn’t have the sun directly in my eyes.

My first stop upon arrival to the Savannah GA area wash the Milan Day Spa in Richmond Hills (this is their smaller spa as the main on is at 10 Broughton Street, in downtown Savannah).  I had an appointment and once again was warmly greeted and well taken care of. 

My ride was completed at 1300 after my one hour appointment at the spa.  Jimmy and his two kids met me and after putting my bag in the room I was told we were going out to eat.  Realizing I didn’t really have a decent shirt to out in we decided to go to town and get me a shirt.  So after about an hour of chatting, I was back in a car to go shopping.

Shirt bought, lunch eaten, and kids sleeping, we went home.  THEN the real reason Jimmy and his wife (Cat) were so hell bent on my coming to celebrate Jimmy’s birthday.  They had a lady they wanted me to meet and they didn’t want to wait three months; after seeing and hearing their excitement, neither did I. 

It was time to go celebrate so Jimmy, Cat, and I climbed into their car and headed to pickup “Penny” (not her real name) in downtown Savannah.  As we pulled up, the streets were crowded but while she walked towards the car she was the prominent one.  She had long brown hair flowing over a green top, wearing white pants, and wedge shoes; a beauty walking alone.
Okay, so Penny got in the car and we made our way through traffic looking for a place to park.  After about 15 minutes of looking we finally drove a couple blocks from the Chart House Restaurant, parked the car and walked back.

We choose to sit outside on the deck to take in the spring night air of Savannah, enjoying old friendships and creating new ones.  After ordering drinks, and our meals the conversation lightened up.  Cat and Penny were drinking wine, Jimmy had a gin and tonic, as for me, it was a double shot of rum on the rocks.  As Cat had finished her glass of wine she took the bottle from cooler and attempted to pour another glass.  Notice I said attempted because she had the bottle upside down and had not removed the cork.  She started giggling and looking to see if anyone had noticed as was fairly relieved that no one at OUR table saw her.  But a lady sitting next to us looked Cat in the eye and mouthed “I saw that” which got Cat and the other lady laughing out loud.  We asked and Cat explained, so now we were all laughing at her embarrassment.  

We continued our dining experience in typical Jimmy and Mike fashion by enjoying the company of two beautiful ladies and being perfect gentlemen (yea, right).  As the night wore on I asked Penny to come by the house for a cookout on Sunday, before even clearing it with Jimmy and Cat.  I soon stopped myself, asked them, and then invited Penny again; she agreed.

After a couple more drinks we paid our bill and headed back towards the car.  As we made our way the two blocks we decided to stop by the Sage to have a nightcap, or should I say nightcaps.  We walked Penny to her car as she lives about 45 minutes from town and since we’d drank our fill, we hailed a cab for the 30 minute ride to Jimmy’s house (opposite direction from Penny’s’).

As soon as we got in the cab, off came my shoes and socks; I normally don’t wear shoes at all so they were not comfortable.  Jimmy started talking to the cab driver and had him laughing as he listened to Cat and her wine bottle. 

We pulled in front of the house only to find a party happening at Jimmy’s house.  “Tanner” (not her real name), he babysitter had invited some mutual friends and they were having a few drinks.  When Cat told Tanner we were going out she wanted to go, but then we had to challenge of finding a babysitter at the last minute.  So, we sat around and had a few more drinks before calling it a night.

Sunday came and around mid-afternoon Cat called and said Penny would not be able to make it because of the distance.  It would have been over an hour drive and with the strong possibility of drinking she did not want to take any chances.  Not a problem, Jimmy and I began prepping dinner as scheduled.  Before Cat got home from work Tanner and one of the people from last night came in and started drinking wine.

After a couple bottles of wine and about a half bottle of rum, the festivities wound down and kids were given baths and put to bed.  Since having to drive back to Florida the next day, and everybody else just watching TV I decided to hit the bed early.

All in all, it was a good trip.  I met a new friend, enjoyed some laughs, kept an old friendship growing, and lived life to its fullest.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! It's always nice when you can make new friends during your travels.