TUESDAY TRAVELER - Road Trip - February 2014 - Savannah GA

I know this posting is a little late, but I spent a good share of the weekend working on becoming “the best uncle in the world”.  You know the drill, playing with kids, spoiling them, and of course giving them stuff I knew they would like.

With most of my appointments, projects around my house, and crappy weather gone I packed my bag for a road trip. 
As many of you know I take a few trips a year to Savannah Georgia.  Yes, the primary purpose is to visit friends, maybe play some golf, hash out business decisions (theirs and mine), and see one of Georgia's historic cities, it also relieves the itchiness of my traveling feet.

The sun was shining, temperature was in the mid 60's, and it was time to hit the road.  It was an uneventful ride with traffic flowing smoothly and after about 5 1/2 hours I arrived.

Pulling into Jimmy and Cat's neighborhood I notice their oldest daughter walking from the school bus stop with her brother and grandmother from Spain.  I rolled the window down, yelled "hi Noah" and after a brief look she recognized my car, came running yelling "Uncle Mike, Uncle Mike".  I'm not a blood relative but Jimmy and I are close enough we tell people "we're brothers with different mothers".

I drove around the block (to park on the street as they have two cars) before parking in front and greeting Noah and Flynn with hugs.  Being welcomed by Jimmy in the yard we unloaded my Jeep and went in to see how Cat was doing (she had minor surgery the day before) and meet her mother (Nana).

After the greetings, putting my bag in my room, and grabbing a cocktail I went out to play with the kids on the trampoline.  Noah is real good at tumbling, flipping, and doing cartwheels, Flynn and myself, well we're not so good.  While Flynn is getting better but I'm not even attempting to flip. 

I had an appointment at the Malan Day Spa on Friday I took Nana with me so she could get her hair done.  While we were in the spa it started raining which negated any thought I had of walking around the downtown area of Savannah.  We made it home about 1500 hours.

A shot before the rain started
The rain stopped, Noah was home from school and Flynn was antsy to get outside again.  Off we went to the trampoline again.

Saturday morning myself, Jimmy, and Keith (a friend) hit the links.  By no means are any of us good golfers but today we all shot worse than we had in our recent pasts.  But the good side is we still finished in around 4 hours which left the entire afternoon to do other stuff; which ended up with napping.

Sunday, Jimmy and I hit the links again and shot better.  This time the weather was about 10 degrees warmer so we had to share the course with true southern natives, alligators and wild geese.

Yes, I was playing golf that close to the woods.  I had to chase the geese away to take a shot
The time to head home came early Monday morning as my oldest daughter surprised me with a call saying she would be there.  She arrived on Sunday afternoon to take care of some personal matters on Monday afternoon before departing for her home in North Carolina. 

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