TUESDAY TRAVELER - 11 February 2014 - What Makes A House/Pet Sitter

Most of you know that a good amount of my travels are done as a house/pet sitter.  That's what we're going to talk about this week; the type of people I know as house/pet sitters.

With house and pet sitting growing at a rapid pace, homeowners not only need to know what they can expect from a sitter, but what kind of people are house / pet sitters.
House and pet sitters come from all corners of the world and simply put we’re as diverse as any other group of society; young and old, single and married, retired and working. 

Some are in their 20’s having just graduated college and wanting to add experience to their life and resume’.  Or we’ve been in the workforce for years, being employees or business owners that don’t restrict us to an office.  Some of the common cores I've found is that we all like traveling, helping others, and learning new cultures.

Some "sitters" are married with children and want to teach them about the treasures of the world, differences in cultures, and the need for harmony.  Yet others may be single and want to share experiences with their grown children, grandchildren, friends, or complete strangers through writing. 

As for me, I'm a retired, single guy that has been house and pet sitter for a few years now.  I personally know sitters from many walks of life.  There are several things you, as a homeowner can count on from us.

We will respect your property and pets as if they were our own.  Many of us have been or are currently home and pet owners and we recognize the responsibilities.  It doesn’t matter if your sitter is single or married your home will be kept clean and tidy inside and out.  Your pets will be feed, exercised, and cuddled, sometimes maybe to excess.

Hey Mike, this is my end of the pool

And no, you can't sit here.  This is my sofa
I just want someone to stay with me
The house and pet sitters I know live a modest lifestyle.  While hot water and dependable electricity are nice, we understand that not every country or location, for that matter has the infrastructure to support it.  Some of us have been offered use of the homeowner’s vehicle, but more often than not we use public transportation or walk as much as possible.

Some are on the beach
And others are in the mountains
Most of the time we meet some of your local neighbors or expatriates, and some are even involved with the community.  I know a couple of house sitters that teach English, are involved with reforesting the local jungle, and participate with expatriates in community assistance projects.  Yes, house and pet sitters do take an occasional day trip, but this is only with the homeowner's prior approval. 

We want you to enjoy your trip no matter if it’s to see family and friends, make new friends as you explore the world, or it’s of a personal nature.  When you return you’ll find your home and pets have been well cared for. 

In the end, you will know we did our best and we are grateful that you entrusted us.

Here are a few blogs written by other house and pet sitters that I follow:
Here are the three house sitting sites I use to find assignments.  They contain is plenty of information on how to become a house sitter if you're interested.

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