TUESDAY TRAVELER - April 2014 - Clearwater Beach, FL Sugar Sand Festival

If you like being near the water and having sand between your toes, you'll love the "Sugar Sand Festival".  It  started last weekend and will continue through 13 April at Pier 60, located on Clearwater Beach.

NOTE:  The reason it's called "Sugar Sand" is because of the texture of the sand on Clearwater Beach.  It has the consistency of sugar, but not near as sweet.

This weeks Tuesday Traveler will have very few (if any) words but will have some pretty cool pictures of sand sculptures.

This is my edited version (added the sky) of the welcoming sign 

This years theme was movie characters.  See how many titles and characters you know.  Hey, don't ask me I'm not a big movie watcher.  But I was able to pick out "The Wizard of Oz", "Jaws", and a couple others.



An artist at work

I hope you enjoyed these unedited pictures.  There will probably be more next week and I'll try and get some of the competition.

Until then, have fun.


PS>  Send me your travel stories and pictures for possible posting on the blog.

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