COSTA RICA - Atenas - Dec 2011 - Jan 2012 - House Sitting

I’ve been slacking on writing about my trials and tribulations or also commonly referred to as my o- shits and hot damns.

Since I’m retired and as most retirees, on a limited income, I needed a way to supplement my travels.  I looked around and registered on some websites to do house sitting for people while they go on vacation.  After a few failed attempts of houses to sit not matching up with my availability dates I finally got one in Atenas, Costa Rica.  Some of you may be asking what house sitting is so simply put, it’s a lot like you take a vacation and ask your neighbor to keep an eye on your house while you’re gone.  There are a couple of differences with what I’m doing.  Mainly, these people aren’t my neighbors and you might even get paid for doing it.  For instance, if you had a house for me to sit and wanted me to do work around the house (lot of pets, big yard, landscaping, maintaining pool, etc) we could come to an agreement on payment.  For me the big downfall in that is you could also charge me for rent and utilities.  In my feeble mind I would rather do normal stuff around your house, like taking care of your pets, keeping your place clean and simple stuff like that, in exchange for living in your house for free.  If the owner wants more than I agree to, well, then we’ll start negotiating.

WHY Do I Need a House/Pet Sitter?

Why do you need a house/pet sitter? 

-  Your pet(s) can stay at home minimizing their stress of staying in a kennel
-  Your home will be more secure by not being vacant
-  You will be immediately notified in the event something goes wrong at home
-  Your yard and house plants will be taken care of
-  Your mail and newspaper will be picked up daily
-  You can enjoy your travels with no worries; everything at home will be under control

What do I offer as a house/pet sitter?

-  I'll be in your house every night; I may take short trips around the immediate area during the day, but at night I'll be in your home
-  Affectionate care for your pet(s); fresh food and water, walks and exercise daily,  a warm lap for naps, administration of medications (including injections), and companionship.   As a pet owner myself of everything from small, furry, four legged animals, to birds, reptiles, and fish you can rest assured yours will be well taken care of
-  Your home will be kept clean and tidy, looking as you've never left; even though I’m a single male, keeping a clean and welcoming home is high on my priority list
-  Your yard and house plants will be maintained; I enjoy working around the yard so if you have a garden planted, it will be weeded, watered, and cared for.  And depending on the length of your trip you may have fresh veggies when you return
-  Communications on how things are going at home; I support and encourage communications between myself and the home owner, even when everything is going fine

-  References will be provided on your request

What’s next? 

Contact me so we can get acquainted and see if we are on common ground (
         o  Provide your travel dates       
         o  Provide details on what you expect from me (be detailed)         
         o  Provide information on nearest/most convenient international airport         
         o  Explain the transportation you will provide me for between airport to/from  your home
 -  Be clear and concise, don’t leave anything for interpretation or guessing
-  Continue email dialog changing to telephone conversations prior to travel
-  Don’t hesitate to let me know if things change on your end and I’ll give you the same respect by letting you know if something changes on my end

If I didn’t mention something, just ask me.  ALL offers will be entertained.


Homeowner comments

A Pirates Rant

A Pirates Rant
Mike – 20 August 2012

As a new age pirate I sit here and wonder
What the hell am I doing in my Captains quarters
When I should be out there scouting my plunder

It's because I am a new age pirate staying within new age lines
Not concerned with what others may say of think
But instead where my path with new and old may intertwine

So with this in mind I sit in my quarters drinking my rum enjoying the sea
Not wanting to send my dinghies in search of pillage or plunder
Just sail the world as the sun rotates above me

As new age pirates we've changed our ways
Not raping, pillaging, and plundering our way through life
But respecting our women, and the property of others
So they too can enjoy their future days

Now traveling the world not as a pirate but as a man in command of my ship
I'll take the pleasures of romancing women and winning treasures as they come
Not worried about consequences or really giving a flip.

POEM - Travel Thru My Eyes

Mike – January 26, 2012

As we travel our world we encounter many things
Sometimes we see them through rose colored glasses
While at other times we see the good and bad of reality
But no matter how foggy or clear our vision may be, it’s simply what life brings

A simple smile, a wave of the hand, or a tip of the head to say hello
Can go a long way in making new friends and learning their culture
Exploring their ways as we expand our horizons and add to our stories
As we show our adventuresome spirit as a world traveler and remain mellow

Through our travels we can help others even though they have a hard life
By sharing our stories of happiness with whomever we meet
Relieving some of their daily burdens as we help them to smile
Giving them a little ray of sunshine and hope as they work through their strife

So enjoy your travels leaving your new friends with smiling good-byes
Sharing your experiences through stories and photos of what you’ve seen
Helping those less fortunate to fulfill their dreams as you wave and say
Thanks for everything, now I must go and share our world with others as they
“Travel Thru My Eyes”