PUERTO RICO - Vieques - 2015 - House Sitting - Chapter 7 - Baby chicks and an eclipse

Well it's been a fairly eventful week with exploring, welcoming seven chicks, and seeing the blood moon.  So, let's get started...

PUERTO RICO - Vieques - 2015 - House Sitting - Chapter 6 - Another week of island life

Well another week has gone by.  The weather has been great for the most part with a few rain showers popping up now and then.  Yes, they do kinda slow things down, but 'mon, don't you worry bout it, it's island life'.

I went to a few more beaches, harvested and shelled a few more coconuts, gathered eggs, swatted mosquitoes, and got a job.  Can you believe that, somebody actually offered me and I accepted a job.

PUERTO RICO - Vieques - 2015 - House Sitting - Chapter 5 - A little about Vieques

Realizing this is my second trip here and I haven't really told you about Vieques.  In this posting, along with my current stay, you'll get some of the islands stats, not much though.

PUERTO RICO - Vieques - 2015 - House Sitting - Chapter 4 - TS Erika Comes and Goes

 So Tropical Storm Erika did intensify and wreaked havoc on the island of Dominica causing several deaths due to flooding.  Thankfully, it weakened as she made her way north.

Here of Vieques, we had winds around 50 mph and a few inches of rain.  With the extent of the drought here, more rain would have been nice.  The island didn't sustain major damage and about the only inconvenience we had was a power outage that lasted several hours.  It went out about 2030 hrs and came back on around 0600 hrs.