House/Pet Sitting in Retrospect - Puerto Rico, Vieques - September 2016

This is my third consecutive year of house/pet sitting on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico; does this make me an ‘island boy’?
When I tell people I’m going to Puerto Rico, they usually ask where and I tell them, Vieques or Isla Nena.  That’s only draws more questions like, some of which I’ll answer now.

Wikipedia – Vieques, Puerto Rico

Population: 9301 (2010)

Size:  21 miles (east to west) by 5 miles (north to south); 52 squares miles of land

Economy:  The island is attempting to redevelop the agricultural and tourism industry.  Since the US Navy closed the bombing range and departed the island in 2003, their clearance of unexploded ordinance has been the largest employer.

Geography:  About two-thirds of Vieques is comprised of a decommissioned US Naval bombing range which has been designated as the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge.  The wildlife reserves are on the east and west ends of the island, with communities in the middle.  There are two major municipalities, Isabel Segunda on the north coast and Esperanza to the south.  The island is surrounded by beautiful, secluded, and not so secluded beaches.  Some of the beaches, along with hiking and four-wheel trails are located within the wildlife reserves. 

A WORD OF CAUTION; within the wildlife reserves the trails and beaches are marked with warning signs, PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIGNS and STAY ON THE MARKED TRAILS.

Okay, if you’re interested in visiting Vieques, and I do recommend it, those facts should at least get you started in finding out more.

Now Let’s GO, and Travel Thru My Eyes to Vieques, Isla Nena, Puerto Rico.