ICELAND - 2016 June - Chapter 4 - A review with recommendations and videos

The final blog postings about my trip to Iceland are complete and now it’s time to review.  In this posting, I’ll talk about the arrival and departure process, and the attractions we visited.  I’ll preface this by saying, on this trip I was accompanied by Debbie and Bill and while I’m not speaking for them, we all agree, overall this was an excellent trip.

Iceland is an island located between the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans.  Its location being just outside the Arctic Circle and close proximity to the Gulf Stream keep summer temperatures cool.

A couple of things worth noting are that most Icelanders, 90%+ speak English fluently, and they are largely a cashless society; they would much rather be paid with a credit or debt card.  If you’re a cash spender while on vacation, get Iceland Korna.

 The landscape ranges from sand and lava fields to mountains and glaciers with many of the glacier rivers flowing directly in the North Atlantic.  As we drove from one location to another, it was astounding how fast the landscape went from lava rock to green pastureland, and from coastal flats to snow covered mountaintops. 

The weather was great for us, but many of the locals commented it was already ‘hot’; average temperatures ranged from about 45⁰ to around 50⁰ Fahrenheit. 

A final note before getting into my review.  At the end of the review you'll find links to videos containing aerial drone videos provided by Bill of Yellow Bird Aerials and still photos taken as we invite you to "Travel Thru My Eyes".

ICELAND - 2016 June - Chapter 3 - The Final Days

As I was going through my notes, I noticed that our snorkeling excursion in a glacial river was missing.  So that’s where we’ll start
For those that don’t already know, I (along with my travel partners Debbie and Bill) live in Florida.  That being said, while waiting for our snorkeling suits, she laughingly told the group, “We’re from Florida, and we only get in water that’s above 80⁰F”.  Well this water sure as hell wasn’t 80⁰F, according to Val, our guide it was only about 36⁰F

ICELAND - 2016 June - Chapter 2 - The Journey Continues - REVISED

After a good night sleep (even with light from the never darkening sky), we continue our journey to the Oxarafoss waterfall.

According to the website World of Waterfalls, It’s been rumored that this particular waterfall may be man-made.  None the less, I found this place to be tranquil and invigorating at the same time.  The fall are located at the eastern end of volcanic fault dividing the European and North American Plates.

The base of the waterfall

ICELAND - 2016 June - Chapter 1 - We Have Arrived - REVISED

As I mentioned in an earlier post, it’s too difficult to blog on a daily basis while I’m actually enjoying the expedition.  Now at home, I can truly share the adventures myself, and my travel partners Debbie and Bill experienced.  So let’s get started as we “Travel Thru My Eyes”.