Vieques, Puerto Rico - October 2018, Chapter 2 - Horseback Riding (VIDEO)

Nothing much to say here, the attached video says it all.

Vieques, Puerto Rico - September 2018 - Chapter 1 - VLOG

This is new for me as I'm posting a Video LOG (VLOG) versus a written posting.  The video will show the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Maria (September 2017) and what it looks like today.

A lot of progress has been made in the islands recovery, but there still remains a lot to be done.  I must say though, Vieques is open for business.  A few new businesses have started, some have changed ownership, and all the islanders are welcoming and friendly.

After you've reviewed the VLOG, please let me know your thoughts; should I keep doing VLOGs or should I do written BLOGs?  Ideas that you would like to see on either or both options, and your general comments.  All input will be appreciated.

Travel safe, have fun...