NORTH CAROLINA - Sylva - 2014 - House Sitting - Chapter 2 - The Weather is Coming

Watchful eyes are watching me
Imagine, lying in your bed all warm and cozy under a down filled comforter.  Feeling rested your mind races as the clock in your brain says it's time to wake up but your body says, why.  Then the bed moves, and you know you went to bed alone.  You feel a cool draft enter the warmth of the comforter, you turn to the edge, looking into a pair of large brown eyes; Simba, the castle guard is watching.

Realizing I'm a stranger, I talk to the guard in a calming voice.  Soon he removes his long nose from the comforter as he wags his tail; he now knows I belong here.  Welcome to the first morning of a house and pet sitter on assignment.

NORTH CAROLINA - Sylva - 2014 - House Sitting - Chapter 1 - Florida boy heads north

Another house/pet sitting journey has started.  I just finished an assignment in Venice Florida on 2 November and this assignment started on 9 November, a mere seven days.   But before driving to the mountains of western North Carolina (NC), I'm going to stop in Savannah Georgia (GA) to visit my "brother of a different mother" and his family.   

Let's start this posting with the drive, including a two-day stop in GA.