FLORIDA - Jupiter - Apr/Jul 2013 - House Sitting - Chapter 3 - Update

Where the Loxahatchee River meets the Atlantic Ocean
  21 - 29 April 2013

Well it’s slightly over a week since dropping off the home owners at a local airport and beginning my latest house sitting assignment.  After driving around the area a little I’ve scouted out places to fish, eat, hike, and take day trips; all without leaving the town of Jupiter.  Since this assignment is for three months my area of travel will surely grow.  As to how far my travels will expand, what other towns, beaches, parks, eateries, we’ll have to wait and see.  One thing for sure there is plenty to see and do in South Florida.

FLORIDA - Jupiter - Apr/Jul 2013 - House Sitting - Chapter 2 - A Day Trip

FLORIDA - Jupiter - Apr/Jul 2013 - House Sitting - Chapter 1 - Another House Sitting Assignment Begins

Jupiter is one of Miami’s northernmost suburbs, located about 90 miles from Miami on the Atlantic coast of Florida.  Within a few miles to some of Florida’s famous beaches to the east and about 90 miles west to Lake Okeechobee; Jupiter is where I now begin my next house and pet sitting assignment.  I’ll be here for the next three months or so enjoying the daily sunshine and living like a local.

TUESDAY TRAVELER - Road Trip - April 2013 - Florida to Savannah, GA

I got a telephone call Friday night (12 April 2013) about 2145 from Jimmy G, a brother from a different mother (but we’re not related); he wanted to relate some good and bad news.  After talking a while he mentioned his birthday was next week and asked if I could come up next week to celebrate.  Since I was starting a housing sitting gig then I simply said “how about I come up tomorrow”?  He said that would be great and another road trip was underway.


How do you travel for vacation?  Many of us don’t consider it traveling for vacation unless we board an aircraft, cruise ship, or train venturing to a far off destination.  But there are times when we elect to drive a vehicle, be it to save money or to take day trips when we arrive at our vacation destination.  While I do travel a lot by air I also take several road trips a year.  When my children were growing up the majority of our vacations were destinations we drove too.  Some were a few days and others were only a few hours from home.

Travel the World, RENT FREE - By: Mike of Travel Thru My Eyes

As a guest blogger I wrote the below article for "Informed Explorer"
(this website has been deactivated)

By; Mike Hopkins; Travel Thru My Eyes, Let’s GO

Have you ever thought about traveling the world without paying for lodging?  It can be done, and I along with many others do it.  How you may ask, by house and pet sitting.

Basically house and pet sitting can be equated to watching your neighbors’ house and taking care of their pets while they go on vacation (Wikipedia definition of house sitting).  Many of us have done it and have had family, friends, or neighbors “keep an eye” on our homes while we were away.  In today’s society, house and pet sitting is rapidly becoming the method of choice for vacationers.

General Travel Tips to Follow Anywhere - By: Mike of Travel Thru My Eyes

As a guest blogger I wrote the below article for "TravelDudes"

When you're on the go, a few smart travel choices can largly impact your experience.
Here are some general tips for your safety and convenience while you travel.

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