2013 IN REVEIW - Welcome 2014

As with everything, there is a beginning and an end.  The year 2013 has ended and 2014 has begun.

Many people have made resolutions, wish lists, bucket lists, set goals, or whatever we want to call them for things they want to accomplish this year.  I too am guilty of making some of these and yes, I am equally as guilty of not following through on them. 

In my opinion the easiest way to accomplish things in life is to have a plan.  This not only applies to your professional life, but to your leisure life as well.  For me, since retiring at the age of 56 my professional and leisure lives have combined into one. 

Traveling and writing were by-products of my profession.  I traveled where my employer sent me and my writing was instructional, technical, and rather mundane.  That has all changed, thanks to you.

Here's a brief look at 2013, my year in review.