PUERTO RICO - Vieques Island - Tips and Reviews - Updated June 2014


Arriving through the San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU-Luis Munoz Marin Intl.) or anywhere on the main island of Puerto Rico you will have a couple travel options.

PUERTO RICO - Vieques, Puerto Rico - 2014 - House Sitting - Chapter 7 - Same Island, Different House

My final night at the Esperanza Inn was again uneventful.  Carol picked me up around 1030 hours and after dropping her off at the airport my next assignment has begun.


PUERTO RICO - Vieques - 2014 - House Sitting - Chapter 6 - In and Around Esperanza

Esperanza is the small town (more a village than a town) on the touristy side of Vieques.  It's mainly comprised of lodging, bars, restaurants, and excursion businesses.  There is a grocery store where visitors can obtain necessities and household items.

Horses wander the streets

PUERTO RICO - Vieques - 2014 - House Sitting - Chapter 5 - One Assignment Complete and Tourist Time

With the return of Chris and Elisabeth, the first of two house/pet sitting assignments here is complete.  As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog series, the home also has rental units, here's the link Vieques Countryside. 

PUERTO RICO - Vieques - 2014 - House Sitting - Chapter 4 - Sounds of Nature and Isabel Segunda

Being on an island with plenty of cars, but not a single traffic light, gets a person to thinking.

I realize motorized vehicles are a big part of our daily lives.  But, it's now obvious to me, we don't need to awake to racing engines, honking horns, or the constant whirl of passing vehicles.  Since being here, all my mornings have started with nature's songs; branches rustling in the gentle breeze, birds singing, and roosters crowing.  Couple that with the sweet smell of blooming flowers mixed with ripening fruit and citrus,  it activates your senses of sight, touch, and taste; NOW get your ass out of bed, a new day has arrived.

PPUERTO RICO - Vieques - 2014 - House Sitting - Chapter 3 - Life on the island

Arrival and orientation completed, homeowners departed, it's now time to experience 'life as a local' on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico.