FLORIDA - 2016, January - House/Pet Sitting - Chapter 3 - The End

Sunrise at the Hillsboro Lighthouse
Over the past week the weather has been unusually cold down here.  At night, our low temps were in the low to mid 40’s with wind chills knocking them down into the 30’s.  Daytime highs ranged from the mid to high 60’s.  For those of you reading this in the northern latitudes, these temps would just fine in February; not here in South Florida.  In February the average low here is 60 and the high is 70.
With that said, I still spent some time fishing, but didn’t catch a damn thing.  With the temps being below average, the waters choppy, and more often than not the sky cloudy, nothing was biting.  And it wasn’t just me, other fishermen out there also.

FLORIDA - 2016, January - House/Pet Sitting - Chapter 2 - The middle

Last week I told you about Robert, a local fisherman who invited me to go fishing on his boat.  Well, the weather has been and is forecasted to be unfavorable so we’ve scratched the plans for a while.  We planned a couple different days, both of which had small craft warnings issued due to strong winds and rough seas.
With the unusual barrage of clouds, rain, and wind there wasn’t many outdoor activities I wanted to participate in.  While eating lunch one afternoon I decided to go see the movie “13 Hours”.  It’s a film about what happened during the hours surrounding the killing of a US Ambassador in Benghazi Libya.  Good film, but I don’t expect it to get any awards; but I’m not a big movie viewer and have no idea how the awards are decided.