FLORIDA - Venice - 2014 - House Sitting - Chapter 4 - A Review

The house and pet sitting assignment in Venice is completed, now it's time for a review.  We'll talk about anything unusual around the house, the local area, and my recommendations of things to do when you visit Venice.

NORTH CAROLINA - Sylva - 2014 - House Sitting - Chapter 2 - The Weather is Coming

Watchful eyes are watching me
Imagine, lying in your bed all warm and cozy under a down filled comforter.  Feeling rested your mind races as the clock in your brain says it's time to wake up but your body says, why.  Then the bed moves, and you know you went to bed alone.  You feel a cool draft enter the warmth of the comforter, you turn to the edge, looking into a pair of large brown eyes; Simba, the castle guard is watching.

Realizing I'm a stranger, I talk to the guard in a calming voice.  Soon he removes his long nose from the comforter as he wags his tail; he now knows I belong here.  Welcome to the first morning of a house and pet sitter on assignment.

NORTH CAROLINA - Sylva - 2014 - House Sitting - Chapter 1 - Florida boy heads north

Another house/pet sitting journey has started.  I just finished an assignment in Venice Florida on 2 November and this assignment started on 9 November, a mere seven days.   But before driving to the mountains of western North Carolina (NC), I'm going to stop in Savannah Georgia (GA) to visit my "brother of a different mother" and his family.   

Let's start this posting with the drive, including a two-day stop in GA.

FLORIDA - Venice - 2014 - House Sitting - Chapter 1 - Arrival & Touring

I've just started my sixth house and pet sitting assignment since May of this year.  Two of them were on the island of Vieques in Puerto Rico, and this one, like the rest of the others have been in the state of Florida.

FLORIDA - Naples - 2014 - House Sitting - With "The Ice Bucket Challenge"

Another house and pet sitting assignment has come and gone with one caveat; I spent most of this one with my arm in a cast.

I recently had carpal and cubical tunnel surgery on my right arm thus making typing a bit challenging. After a day of trying to type I bought a dictation software program; now I have to learn how to use it. So far, it's straightforward and while I'll have to edit manually, the majority of typing is done with the software.

FLORIDA - Tampa - 2014 - House Sitting - Chapter 1 - A Great Bungalow Revisited

Shortly before departing for two house/pet sitting assignments in Puerto Rico, I received a call from Letty, a previous client; they wanted me to sit their home and two dogs, Scooter and Miso.  The winds of good fortune were with us and I was available the week they needed.

PUERTO RICO - Vieques Island - Tips and Reviews - Updated June 2014


Arriving through the San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU-Luis Munoz Marin Intl.) or anywhere on the main island of Puerto Rico you will have a couple travel options.

PUERTO RICO - Vieques, Puerto Rico - 2014 - House Sitting - Chapter 7 - Same Island, Different House

My final night at the Esperanza Inn was again uneventful.  Carol picked me up around 1030 hours and after dropping her off at the airport my next assignment has begun.


PUERTO RICO - Vieques - 2014 - House Sitting - Chapter 6 - In and Around Esperanza

Esperanza is the small town (more a village than a town) on the touristy side of Vieques.  It's mainly comprised of lodging, bars, restaurants, and excursion businesses.  There is a grocery store where visitors can obtain necessities and household items.

Horses wander the streets

PUERTO RICO - Vieques - 2014 - House Sitting - Chapter 5 - One Assignment Complete and Tourist Time

With the return of Chris and Elisabeth, the first of two house/pet sitting assignments here is complete.  As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog series, the home also has rental units, here's the link Vieques Countryside. 

PUERTO RICO - Vieques - 2014 - House Sitting - Chapter 4 - Sounds of Nature and Isabel Segunda

Being on an island with plenty of cars, but not a single traffic light, gets a person to thinking.

I realize motorized vehicles are a big part of our daily lives.  But, it's now obvious to me, we don't need to awake to racing engines, honking horns, or the constant whirl of passing vehicles.  Since being here, all my mornings have started with nature's songs; branches rustling in the gentle breeze, birds singing, and roosters crowing.  Couple that with the sweet smell of blooming flowers mixed with ripening fruit and citrus,  it activates your senses of sight, touch, and taste; NOW get your ass out of bed, a new day has arrived.

PPUERTO RICO - Vieques - 2014 - House Sitting - Chapter 3 - Life on the island

Arrival and orientation completed, homeowners departed, it's now time to experience 'life as a local' on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico.

PUERTO RICO - Vieques - 2014 - House Sitting - Chapter 2 - Home Owners Depart

Sunday was spent helping Chris and Elisabeth around the house and in the evening, a few friends gathered to watch the sunset.  It's more a less a ritual for some residents, either watching from the beach or patios and terraces at home; what a great way to end the day.

Monday morning started early, as Chris and Elisabeth had to be at the ferry terminal by 0600 for a scheduled 0630 departure.  For the ferry, "scheduled" simply means that's the plan, and plans change; as they often do for the ferry.

TUESDAY TRAVELER - April 2014 - Travel includes your hometown

Many of us "travel", but how many of us consider day and weekend trips to nearby locations as traveling?  Until a couple months ago, I only considered it traveling when I would spend a few days to several weeks away from home.  Is that how you feel?

TUESDAY TRAVELER - 4 February 2014 -Traveling Solo

I'd like to hear and share your travel stories.  If you have pictures, include your best shots so not only can we read your words but see you photos too.
Send them to me at:  TravelThruMyEyes@gmail.com. 

But for now, we'll talk about traveling solo.

While I may be solo, I am never alone

2013 IN REVEIW - Welcome 2014

As with everything, there is a beginning and an end.  The year 2013 has ended and 2014 has begun.

Many people have made resolutions, wish lists, bucket lists, set goals, or whatever we want to call them for things they want to accomplish this year.  I too am guilty of making some of these and yes, I am equally as guilty of not following through on them. 

In my opinion the easiest way to accomplish things in life is to have a plan.  This not only applies to your professional life, but to your leisure life as well.  For me, since retiring at the age of 56 my professional and leisure lives have combined into one. 

Traveling and writing were by-products of my profession.  I traveled where my employer sent me and my writing was instructional, technical, and rather mundane.  That has all changed, thanks to you.

Here's a brief look at 2013, my year in review.