TUESDAY TRAVELER - Tarpon Springs, FL - The109th Annual Greek Epiphany

The sun casts long early morning shadows, temperatures in the mid-60s, and the water is like glass.  We search for a place to launch kayaks.  There it is, a walkable incline, floating dock, secure parking, and a short walk from the van to the water.  IT"S BLOCKED.

‘Copter Bill’, a local friend, who is a quad copter (drone) pilot/photographer, parked the van and we readied our equipment.  As we placed our cameras and drone near the incline we saw law enforcement looking on.  No shouts denying or giving us permission to be there, we continue.

Under their watchful eyes, we unload the kayaks, launch them, and transfer our equipment from the shore; still no shouts from law enforcement.

Van secure, kayaks launched, equipment loaded, we climb aboard, and paddle to Spring Bayou.