Tuesday Traveler - Guest Posting from Rohit - "5 Amazing Migratory Birds on a Sojourn to India" - 26 April 2016

Todays Tuesday Traveler is from a guest writer featuring 5 migratory birds of India.  No, I haven't been there, yet, but Rohit is from India so he'll share some info and photos.  Thanks Rohit
5 Amazing Migratory Birds on a Sojourn to India

Remember when you got one of those dreams where you felt like you were flying? Isn’t that a wonderful feeling? To let go of everything and just fly like those birds zooming about in the sky in a carefree nature. Watching birds fly, or chirp, or sing ... it’s so fascinating. The tropical condition of India is a haven for different species of birds found all over the country, and migratory birds are found in an array of species everywhere. Here’s a compiled list of few of the most interesting migratory birds in India. 

Tuesday Traveler - Mike's Rum Review - 12 April 2016

Let’s Talk About Rum

This posting is very different from those normally found here.  It’s one I’ve been studying for quite a few years now, and those that know me personally will vouch for the results.  I must preface this with a few disclaimers.  First, all the testing was done by me, there were no controlled or scientific methods applied, and it was all done responsibly (to an extent) in confines of my home or that of friends.

If you elect to conduct a test similar in nature, do so responsibly, don’t drink and drive.