NORTH CAROLINA - High Point - 2013 - House Sitting - A Family Sit

On this house/pet sit I’m going back to my roots and sitting for family.  My oldest daughter and her husband had to take a short notice trip to England and asked if I was available to take care of their home and Lucy the dog.  With my love for my children and my upbringing, the answer of course was yes.  I was brought up that family is forever, even though we all have our ups and downs, you always count on family.

TUESDAY TRAVELER - Road Trip - March 2013 - Florida to Georgia

The other morning I received a call from my oldest daughter asking me if I could come to NC and house/pet sit because her and her husband would be going to England because of a family emergency.  And of course the answer was yes, and I asked “when do you want me there”.  She told me they weren't sure but it would be within a few days.  That’s when my military and logistics background kicked in and I decided to “stage” my departure and relocate to a closer starting point.  Hence, a road trip was started.