TUESDAY TRAVELER - March 2014 - FL - Tampa Food Truck Rally

This is the longest time I've been home, at least consecutively, for at least 12 years.  Between working and now travel writing I spent a lot of time away.  It wasn't until recently that I started paying attention to what goes on around "my hometown".

So this week we're going to take a look at another local happening in the Tampa Bay Area.  Since we all like to eat, especially when somebody else is doing the cooking and cleaning.

Let's partake of some "street food"

TUESDAY TRAVELER - March 2014 - Safety Harbor, FL Bloom and Chalk Art Festival

The local sheriff blocked Main Street for about 6 blocks, merchants flowed out in the street, and crowds began gathering.  Soon I heard music coming from the center of town, and the smell of popcorn, hamburgers, and barbeque filled the air.

TUESDAY TRAVELER - March 2014 - An Excuse

Remember a couple weeks ago we talked about reasons why we don't travel?  Well, as life would have it, I didn't get a chance to write our weekly "Tuesday Traveler" last week.  In not writing the post I was reminded of a few things.
"We are not in control of life".  It throws us fast balls when we're looking for a slow looping curve.  That's exactly what happened in my family; thus my excuse.

My newest grandson - Oliver

TUESDAY TRAVELER - March 2014 - Sometimes We Must Stay Home

As you may or may not know, last week was my first trip since I was house/pet sitting in December.  Sometimes we just can't fit traveling into our lives.  This week we'll talk about some of those times, more specifically reasons why I put traveling aside from time to time.