NORTH CAROLINA - Sylva - 2014 - House Sitting - Chapter 2 - The Weather is Coming

Watchful eyes are watching me
Imagine, lying in your bed all warm and cozy under a down filled comforter.  Feeling rested your mind races as the clock in your brain says it's time to wake up but your body says, why.  Then the bed moves, and you know you went to bed alone.  You feel a cool draft enter the warmth of the comforter, you turn to the edge, looking into a pair of large brown eyes; Simba, the castle guard is watching.

Realizing I'm a stranger, I talk to the guard in a calming voice.  Soon he removes his long nose from the comforter as he wags his tail; he now knows I belong here.  Welcome to the first morning of a house and pet sitter on assignment.
The first few days have started the same, well with the exception of Simba putting his nose under the comforter.  Each morning as my internal clock rang I'd look out the window to see treetops, and the shadows of neighboring mountains. 

Many of you know me as a beach guy, and I am, but after these first few days in the mountains, I could get used to this also.  However, it would be nicer in the warmer months.

Being alone on a mountaintop brings a new perspective on a person's view of the world.  The air is cooler, the sounds of nature appear amplified, and the solitude opens your heart and soul.  While your physical energy may be depleted because of the altitude, mentally you're refreshed by the peace and quiet.  That is unless you thrive on the daily hustle and bustle of medium to big city life; which I do not.
Me and the "Castle Guard"
Sunset over the valley below
Driving up and down the mountain, you see something different around every turn.  There are times when the dirt road is clearly visible and other times when you can't see the road through the leaves. You may have the sun directly in your eyes, or the shadows are so dense your headlights come on.   The only wildlife I've seen driving so far have been turkeys walking in the road.  There are reports of deer and bear up here, and believe me, I'm looking for them.

Don't miss the turn
And keep to the path

Turkeys in the driveway

 The forecast for clouds, wind, and colder weather has arrived as promised.

Looking out the window this morning and not seeing treetops or nearby ridges, it took me a longer to convince my body it really was time to get out of bed.  Walking to the door to let Simba out I noticed the outside photo sensor lights were still illuminated; why.  A cloud has settled on my mountaintop.  In Florida, I would say we have a layer of fog, but at 4000 feet, it's a cloud.

With the cloud on top of us, we didn't get any rain or snow, but all the moisture in cloud made the trees "weep" as if it were raining.

The cloud lifted, rays of the sun warmed the air, and the wind calmed.  This was just a prelude to a coming storm with predicted high temperatures in the 30's.

It's time to do some exploring of the local area.

Stream fishing in the nearby town of Dillsboro, NC
Storm two is moving in

Until next time,

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