FLORIDA - 2016, January - House/Pet Sitting - Chapter 2 - The middle

Last week I told you about Robert, a local fisherman who invited me to go fishing on his boat.  Well, the weather has been and is forecasted to be unfavorable so we’ve scratched the plans for a while.  We planned a couple different days, both of which had small craft warnings issued due to strong winds and rough seas.
With the unusual barrage of clouds, rain, and wind there wasn’t many outdoor activities I wanted to participate in.  While eating lunch one afternoon I decided to go see the movie “13 Hours”.  It’s a film about what happened during the hours surrounding the killing of a US Ambassador in Benghazi Libya.  Good film, but I don’t expect it to get any awards; but I’m not a big movie viewer and have no idea how the awards are decided.

However, today started out good and the city of Lighthouse Point had their “Keepers Days” parade; a weekend long celebration promoting community spirit and pride.  Many cities have similar celebration with names that replace ‘keeper’s day’ with the name of the city.  Originally, Keepers Days was going to be called “Lighthouse Point Days”, but in the tradition of lighthouse keepers, the name was changed to reflect the keepers of the city.
 The parade route for The Keepers Days routes through the residential areas where locals congregate; usually with neighbors from the same street.  It definitely coincides with the intent of the Keepers Days celebration in promoting community spirit. 
As I walked along the street looking for a place to view the parade I was greeted by at least one person from every group of spectators.  Several homes along the route had tables set up in their driveways with food and drinks.  They had chairs sitting beside the road, a couple had umbrellas, and kids were playing.

The parade participants are from the local community.  Adults represented organizations like The Keepers, Daughters of the American Revolution, Police and Fire Departments, and local political positions.

Children of all ages were also involved.  They represented schools, activities, churches, national organizations like the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.

 And there was even a float representing an original drive-in from the 1960's that is still in operation in Lighthouse Point.

After another night of rain and wind the next couple of days are supposed to be dry, but cold.  The high is forecast to be in the low to mid 60’s and by South Florida standards, that’s cold.

Since I braved a few days in the North Dakota snow in late January, I manned up, put on long pants and my favorited hoody to take a trip to Mizner Park in Boca Raton.

The name Mizner Park is deceiving, if you think of parks as being open spaces with picnic tables, or fail to research your destination.  Prior to researching the park, I expected to find greenspace along the Intercostal Waterway; the research proved different.

Although the park isn’t a traditional park, it is nice.  Basically it’s greenspace with fountains, benches, walkways, trees, and plants sandwiched between streets.  On either side of the park you’ll find shops, bars, and restaurants, with the Boca Raton Museum of Fine Art on one end.  With those surroundings, Mizner Park is a good place to relax, people watch, and enjoy something to eat and/or drink.

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