FLORIDA - Lighthouse Point - 2015 - House Sitting - Chapter 1 - A Journey Begins

A new house/pet sitting assignment has begun.  The homeowners, Liz and Guido were referred to me by my first ‘official’ house/pet sitting clients, Patricia and Kevin; thank-you.

I’m in the town of Lighthouse Point Florida, which is about an hour north of Miami.  The home sits a little more than a ¼ mile to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, yet I can’t walk to it.  With the intercostal waterway separating mainland Florida from a narrow stretch of land, it’s a 15 minute drive.

This assignment brings me south of my home in the Tampa Bay area.  The drive took four and a half hours where I avoided one accident, saw the aftermath of another, and drove in light to heavy rain for two hours.  Man, was I glad to get here, and with a warm greeting from Liz, Guido, and Chaussette the cat, I immediately felt relaxed.   

In this video I went from 70mph to zero.  The obstacle in the road is scrap metal that fell off a truck 

Liz and Guido departed early the next morning, but the rainy weather remained.  I spent most of the day with the cat, reading, and going shopping.  Sunday wasn’t much better, but according to the weather radar, it was clearing to the south, so I ventured out to explore. 

The drive to the Cape Florida Lighthouse took me along US1 and A1A, following the Atlantic coast.  Traveling through the towns of Miami Beach and South Beach, back to I95 and finally through Key Biscayne took a little over two hours.  My return trip was cut to one and a half hours by sticking to I95.

Cape Florida Lighthouse

Cape Florida Lighthouse - History timeline

1825 – The 65 foot brick tower with wooden steps was built
1846-1847 – Wooden steps replaced with cast iron stairs
1855 – Lighthouse was built 30 feet taller and second order Fresnel lens installed
1966 – Lighthouse bought by the state of Florida
1968-9170 – Renovated
1996 – Lighthouse restored to 1855 specifications

The sidewalk leading to the lighthouse
From the south shore
I just thought this was a cool shot
Cape Florida Lighthouse Keepers Cottage

Cape Florida Lighthouse Keepers Cottage - History Timeline

1825 – Two story, 4 room, brick cottage completed; first keeper was John Dubose
1835 – Hurricane damaged the cottage
1836 – Cottage attacked by Seminole Indians and burned to the ground
1846 – Completed cottage rebuild
1878 – Cottage abandoned
1920’s – Shoreline erosion washed the cottage away
1969 – Replica cottage built by State of Florida

A replica of the 1830's keepers cottage
No home is complete without an outhouse

Map of locations visited

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