FLORIDA - Lighthouse Point - 2015 - House Sitting - Chapter 2 - The Middle & End

Another week has past us by and with it, my Lighthouse Point Florida house sitting assignment has come to an end.  Plans have already been made for my return in late January 2016 to once again be the fill-in cuddlier and care giver for Chaussette, the very vocal cat.

But no worries, I didn’t just sit around the house last week.  The weather was good, so I took in a couple walks. 
But before we get into the excursions, I'd like to share a book, written by the homeowner here in Lighthouse Point.

For those of you who follow and know me, know I prefer fictional books, the ones that simply tell a story.  The story may have some 'real life' situations, but overall, they're just stories.  This particular book "DISPLACED - From Continent to Continent" is a good read.  It's a good mix of historical facts and real life experiences of Elisabeths' family members.  It states prior to WWII and ends after the surrender of Germany.  As the title depicts, it about her family moving around Europe and eventually to the US.  It tells of the trials and tribulations the family endured and their covert movements.

I strongly recommend getting a copy of this book and have provided the Kindle link below.  Simply click on the caption and order it.

Now, on with the last few days of my house/pet sitting assignment.

The first was to the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center.  This unique cooperative between the City of Boca Raton, Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District, Florida Atlantic University (FAU), and Friends of Gumbo Limbo comprises 20 acres of the barrier island separating the Atlantic Ocean from mainland Florida.

The primary purpose of the center revolves around teaching, conservation, and research.  Their school programs teach costal and marine ecology annually.  They monitor hundreds of sea turtle nests, and FAU conducts research.



My second walk-about was to Zoo Miami.  On Saturday, December 5th the zoo was flooded with about ten inches of rain forcing its closure.  Several of the moots surrounding the exterior enclosures had extremely high water levels, which raised concern the animals could escape.  Thus the animals were confined to their interior enclosures and the zoo finally reopened on Tuesday.

When released into their exterior enclosures, needless to say, the animals were happy and frolicked to the enjoyment of children and adults alike. 

I’ve been to a few other zoo’s and Zoo Miami ranks to the top of my list.  Not saying the other zoos are bad, but this one is well worth the visit if you’re ever in the Miami area.  With spotless grounds, friendly staff, good food, with happy and cared for animals, it’s a great place.



With Monday being my travel home day, I reflected on the assignment.  With the exception of only a couple days without rain, it was an enjoyable sit, and a place I look for to returning.

Next trips starts 18 December where I'm off to Georgia for a couple days, then North Carolina to spend Christmas with my three grandsons.  Until next time,

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